LED Lighting

Here are some advantages of using Lumen Galaxy LED Lighting

Cost of Lighting

Many companies assume that the cost of lighting simply entails the purchase price of their lamps, when in reality the cost of material represents only a small fraction of the overall cost of lighting.

The electricity use is the single largest expense; renewing your lighting with high-tech LUMEN GALAXY will generate savings of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in annual consumption.

Quantity of LightLumen Maintenance Curve

LUMEN GALAXY luminaires offer superior levels of  illumination with fewer luminaries. LUMEN GALAXY luminaires have the advantage of being dimmable, thus obtaining the desired lighting level, using ordinary attenuators.

Quality of Light

LUMEN GALAXY luminaires maintain 90%+ of it’s initial light throughout its life, keeping areas bright and attractive.

Color of LightColor_Temperatures_image

The Color Temperature (CT) has different gradients; LUMEN GALAXY luminaires meet the full range.
The higher the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the colors will be more natural and real, offering more color rendition



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