Why Lumen Galaxy LED Lighting

LED TUBES AND BULBS, manufactured with high quality LED’s, (Light Emitting Diode) – SMT (Surface Mount Technology) was designed to replace conventional fluorescent tubes and offer greater benefits such as:

  • Extended lifespan up to 80,000 hrs.
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce electricity consumption

Generating savings of up to 80% of electric energy compared to fluorescent tubes on the market.


T8 LED TUBE has a minimum lifespan of 5 years;

  • Offering savings in maintenance and replacement
  • Offering greater resistance against knocks and vibrations

Energy EfficiencyROI_image

  • Power factor is higher than 94% vs. 60% of a conventional tube
    Meaning: More efficient use and consumption of WATTS
  • Harmonic Distortion is less than 15% vs. 30% of a conventional tube
    Meaning: Less deformation of the sinusoidal current
  • Luminous Flux from 1,920 to 4,800 lumens
    Meaning: Wider range of brightness and lighting

Return on Investment

The correct replacement with a T8 LED TUBE bulb can generate up to 40% Return on the Initial Investment.
Savings come from:

  • Reducing electricity use with your electricity provider.
  • Reduce radiated temperature and costs in A/C
  • Elimination of the use of ballasts
  • Reduction of replacement and labor

Investment RecoveredAnnual Savings

The amount of savings will be reflected every month.
The investment, depending on your project, electricity consumption and need, is usually recovered within 2-3 years.


LUMEN GALAXY  states its commitment and provides:

  1. Five Year Lifespan Warranty
  2. Two Year Replacement Warranty for light bulbs
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